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if you ever had a disney wish then would it be?
i founded a post that changed my oc his life.…
i realy need help on this one PLS! at high when i came on my thirth year i never talked to a girl anymore and now it's 2/3 years later and now i' realy became shy to them. i need some advice, this is my problem number 1. it may have something to do that i'm afraid to show myself or i just think that i'm a weirdo to them. i don't like to let them think i'm a bad persone.:scared: Sad Drunk Sad Angel :sad: 
i found this on facebook:
well i had in mind to create a new caracter that looks a bit like beast magician, but a combo with a tails doll and a frightfur monster i would call it frightdoll magician giant. havent draw it yet, but stil have the ideas.
somebody just told me how to cellebrate my 18 birthday, but i never tought about it. i need some idea guys pls help. the only idea i have in mind and with thanks from my family is karaoke, like that idea realy, but some more ideas are usefull.
like i feel on facebook. am i forgoten? i just feel alone.:hot-pepper: for Opus duel